Monday, December 3, 2012


So, South Africa came, they conquered, they left.
Left with their #1 title and glory, while we stay here, still at #3 and a bowling problem and a serious need for some great batsman (I said SOME, omg we don't need to replace Huss and Pup).

All is not lost! I presume Sri Lanka are clutching on to the #2 position with their sweaty paws, so we'll knock 'em off, ay.

Let's rank our players and be the judge on whether they stay in the team or not.

  • Captain AwesomePup - the most awesome captain ever, not including all the previous captains. Two double centuries in consecutive matches, mad skillz. Awesome. But not so good batting in the 3rd Test means only a 9/10. Still.
  • SuperHussey - a few centuries and saving people from burning buildings. Never leave us, Huss. Ever. 
  • Siddle - super effort, especially his effort in the 2nd Test. Even the 1st Test was excellent. Works hard on energy from a lentil burger. 
  • JPattz - As good as a bowler as Siddle but with added steaks. Sucks that he got injured. A miracle and he'll be back for Boxing Day. Yeah.
  • Warner - flashes of star quality
  • Cowan - see Warner
  • Twatto - what kind of fitness test did he pass and how can we get it eliminated?
  • Ponting - will miss him. Legend. Made a score of 8 in his last innings to show everyone why he retired.
  • Wadey - better than Haddin. Could bring in Painey for a Test (that's Tim Paine, not Jackson), or maybe save Paine for the One Dayers? idk idk Paine's injury run of broken fingers has been terrible for him, but let's not compare that to Wadey's "injury".
  • Hilfenhaus - great for bowling out tailenders. Good to have around when everyone else is tired.
  • Starsky - MAD SKILLZ. A six faaaa and a maiden half Test century. 
  • Mitchie J - ha
  • Hastings - you tried
  • Lyon - MAD SKILLZ. and that's not even about his batting.
And yeah.
The XI for the next Test (Hobart, December 14th) based on the above information will be:

Warner, Cowan, Twatto (unless a replacement appears), Khawajaahdakaja (idk his name), Captain AwesomePup, SuperHussey, Wadey, Starsky, Siddle, Lyon, Hilfenhaus.



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