Monday, May 2, 2016


footy sucks again :(
i mean it was going okay in the 2nd and 3rd quarters but it just sucks, you know???
so i'm here to make another list b/c yolo
also i don't mind losing to West Coast b/c they are babes and i'd bang like all of them (mostly brad shep) but i DO mind losing to carlton and daisy thomas and other horrible people.

  • 1 x Ben crocker (he's too young for me but mmmm love me anyway but no i really liked his game in the vfl, setting up goals, running and chasing hard, he did everything in the 2nd quarter of the vfl)
  • 1 x tom phillips
  • 1 x cake for tim broomhead b/c he's learning how to goal celebrate and i am proud
  • 821834 x cakes for alex fasolo
  • 234 x steele sidebottom
  • 1 x uninjured taylor adams
  • 924 x travis varcoe
  • 6 x prayers for jonathon marsh so he gets better 
  • 1 x smelly fish in marc murphy's car
  • 1 x treasure map to lead alex fasolo to the love of his life (me)
  • 1 x brent macaffer
  • 1 x james aish
  • 1 x rising star nom for darcy moore
  • 20 x books titled "how to defend for dummies" for like all of them
  • 1 x box of donuts for daisy thomas to remind him of how many goals he's kicking on saturday (and to make him fat ha ha ha)
  • 1 x dane swan
  • 1 x jamie elliott
  • 7243 x alex fasolo b/c you can never have enough sexy babes 
  • 23 x books titled "kick to alex fasolo in the forward line b/c he needs goals, who cares if he's got 20 defenders on him and he's never gonna get it (my loving)" for all of them hahaha
okay i'm done
i just want ben crocker to debut
but idec, i just want ben shhhh


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh... (Meant to be silent for 3-4 seconds... Visualise) I just discovered this blog! Are you me??!!

Anonymous said...

I love Jordan De Goey, Steele Sidebottom, Jack Crisp, Ben Crocker, Taylor Adams, I like Swanny more now cause he sent my brother a get well card, Jeremy Cameron and fricken Jack Silvagni because I just discovered him plus he was caught 'waxing' after the game on the Bounce... Oh my gosh, I have never heard of someone who sees these aspects of football before!!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot, I just so happen to be a fricken mad fan of cricket too.. I think it's cause of Faulkner and Tim Southee.. God people are getting better and better in sport these days.. (Dreamy sigh)

Laura said...

Thank you!!!! You're so kind! I didn't realise anyone still reads my blog haha I barely post here.
Yes all the Collingwood players are great, and omg Jack Silvagni is so cute!!! my friend got a photo with him at the vfl last sunday omg

yes i love james faulkner too :) sucks that he got dumped from the ODI team